Social Media – Facebook Insights for a Page

It seems Facebook is following what LinkedIn did recently by making Group Statistics available to view for everyone. This post is to share the launch of Facebook Insights.

It is quite re-assuring to know that the value of statistics is being highlighted by these big companies. It is not only the company that will benefit but the followers will also make a more informed choice and decision about the pages, groups and people they follow on Linkedin and even Facebook! These are very powerful tools and I am sure will turn a lot of things around.

One reason for highlighting this post here along with the earlier LinkedIn Groups statistics post is:

  1. Importance of measurement and statistics
  2. Analysis and converting it into useful Strategy – or at least some informed decisions and actions.

The Insights for a Facebook Page will be available on a weekly basis and Number of People “talking about this” will be available publicly.

And some interesting posts that promote 4 Ways the New Facebook Insights Can Grow Your Fans and Engaging your audience by publishing to your page.

Hope this helps in thinking and working towards content on the Social Media Pages!

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